Lifestyle — Why Literally No One Cares You're Doing A Juice Cleanse
by Kelley Lord

If you are not talking about mimosas, I don't want to hear about your juice cleanse.

When people are on juice cleanses, they want everyone on their Snapchats, in their offices and in their subway cars to know. They talk about how alive they feel and suggest them to everyone trapped into listening.

Your week-long challenge to drink swamp water does not impress me. The truth is if you treat your body more like a temple and less like a frat house, you won't need a cleanse.

People just like to feel like they can press undo buttons to all the mistakes they made that weekend. Unfortunately, a juice cleanse is not the human enema people hope it will be because once you go back to remembering how much you like beer and cream cheese, it's back to the frat-house cleanse.

Of course, we promote living healthy, and that's why we encourage you to eat food and have juice, too -- treat yourself!

"Generation whY" is back for its 6th season to ask, if you are sipping salad juice, can you please do so in silence?

Special thanks to Tappo

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