This Mom Quickly Learned Why You Shouldn't Breastfeed With A Spray Tan (Photos)

One of the most terrifying parts of becoming a parent is other people often assume you'll know how to take care of a baby, despite there being literally no way to adequately prepare for the arrival of a tiny human being whose life you're suddenly responsible for.

You're bound to make some mistakes along the way. There are certain things you only need to do once before you learn the necessary lessons, and one of those things is breastfeeding your child after getting a spray-on tan.


Gemma Colley learned this lesson the hard way when she went to get a spray tan and then fed her baby just a few hours later, turning her child into a hobo clown from the 1920s.

Colley shared the photo with a Facebook group for mothers to help them avoid making the same mistake in the future.

She then shared a follow-up post, and thankfully, it appears the second attempt went slightly better.


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