Mom Who Covered Boobs On TV From Her Son Becomes Hilarious Meme

by Connor Toole

Over the weekend, a man on Reddit posted a picture of his mother trying to cover up the television with a towel after a topless woman appeared on the screen.

The ridiculousness of the picture makes it funny enough on its own, but it gets even better when you consider the son she was trying to protect is a 22-year-old gay man.

Someone decided the picture was just asking to be Photoshopped, and it was soon posted to r/PhotoshopBattles, a subreddit filled with amateur graphic designers with time on their hands and editing software at their fingertips.

It turns out censoring a Paul Thomas Anderson movie was only the beginning.

You have to give him credit for trying.

Fighting a losing battle. Olé! I'm assuming the towel in this one is made of lead. She's going to need a bigger towel. She might say she's trying to help, but there's an ulterior motive. An iconic pop culture moment? Not if Towel Mom has anything to say about it. She liked her better when she was Hannah Montana. It wouldn't be 2014 if we didn't go meta. Almost as good as the original. Letting her true colors fly.

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