Confused Mom Sends Selfies To Insurance Agent Instead Of Pics Of Her Car


Anyone who ever spent too many minutes trying to teach a parent how to complete the simplest of tasks on a smartphone knows there's a reason most members of older generations could be politely described as "technologically challenged."

In my experience, figuring out how to text is one of the biggest hurdles for people who are trying to embrace the new wave of communication, especially when they've relied on that weird talking-to-people thing their entire lives.

They might eventually figure out the basics -- but not before they overcome their fundamental misunderstandings of the meanings of certain acronyms and emojis.

It would appear the woman who took the picture below actually has a pretty good grasp on how to use an iPhone, but it would also appear her critical thinking could use a bit of work.

After getting in an accident at an undetermined date, sometime before the launch of iOS 7, Susan was instructed to send a few pictures of the damage from various angles to her insurance agent.

Susan understood the part about the different angles, but I'm not sure why she thought sending a bunch of selfies would help expedite her claim.

At least she looked better than her car probably did.