This YouTube Star Wrote An Amazing 'Mean Comments' Song To Her Haters (Video)

This is an anthem for anyone who's ever been subjected to YouTube comment hate.

I’ve always said Colleen Ballinger is pretty much the Kristen Wiig of YouTube.

She’s incredibly talented, wickedly funny and has clearly set herself apart as one of the stronger female comedic actresses on the Web.

Through her YouTube channel persona, Miranda Sings, Colleen gained notoriety and the love of an adoring fanbase. Also, she has a Wikipedia page, which, as far as I’m concerned, is the height of success.

But this is YouTube we’re talking about here, the land of the free (video uploads) and home of the (not-so) brave (faceless human garbage commenters).

As funny as Miranda Sings is, she's been subjected to some pretty awful online hate.

Her song about negative YouTube commenters is the perfect answer to those special people who lack grammar, spelling and logic but more than make up for it in enthusiasm and free time due to probable unemployment.

All is good, though, as Colleen points out in her song,

Your comments make me money, and you’re paying my bills.

Keep on commenting, trolls. She literally lives off your hate.