Idiot Gets Arrested After Responding To His Own Wanted Ad On Facebook

I don't have a ton of experience when it comes to running from the police after getting charged with burglary and domestic violence, but I know one of the major focus points of life on the lam is keeping a fairly low profile.

I could list some of the steps you can take to stay out of the spotlight, but it's probably a lot easier to name some of the things you shouldn't do under any circumstance.

For example, if the sheriff's office attempting to track you down decided to post your name and photo on its Facebook page, you don't want to log in to your own account to let them know you, contrary to what the multiple warrants in your name might say, "ain't tripping."

Sadly, nobody shared this valuable piece of advice with 21-year-old Ohio resident Andrew Marcum, who was wanted by the Butler County Sheriff's Office after racking up quite the assortment of felony charges.

I don't want to say his decision was the only reason I used the word "was" in that last sentence, but based on what was posted on Facebook just a day after he made the post, it certainly didn't help his cause.

On March 2, police posted this wanted ad.

They also posted this photo Marcum presumably took for his Myspace page in 2007.

I don't really know what Marcum means by this, but I assume it's something along the lines of, "I didn't do nothing."

The sheriff's office, eager to show off its mastery of social media, also posted this message on Twitter.

Something tells me Andrew wasn't too happy to get arrested (that something is his face).