Magneto Cat Turning On Its Owner Is The Scariest Pet You'll Ever See (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

Cats love to annoy their owners.

Perhaps it's an expression of endearment; perhaps it's pure, evil joy.

There are few things a feline enjoys more -- or does better -- than pooping in a pair of new shoes or knocking a glass of red wine onto a freshly cleaned carpet.

And they always get away with it.

So imagine the chaos that would ensue if cats had superpowers.

This short by Kaipotainment, featuring Magneto Cat, envisions such a world.

In the hilarious video, Magneto Cat -- or “Catneto” -- uses its metal-manipulation skills to make its owner's life a living hell.

Despite his best efforts, the human does not stand a chance against the all-powerful kitty, who loves nothing more than exerting its power over mankind's physical and emotional weakness (and looking cute while doing so).

In short: If cats had superpowers, we'd be toast -- see for yourself in the silly video up top.

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