Little Girl Loses It When She Sees Tortoises Having Sex At The Zoo (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

The wonders of nature are plentiful; infinite, even.

This shocked little girl witnessed one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena first-hand while attending the zoo with her parents: love.

And by love, I mean sex.

This video, presumably filmed by the girl’s father, shows two tortoises makin’ babies in their zoo enclosure. Upon seeing one tortoise mounted atop the other, the little girl exclaims, “Oh my goodness!” multiple times.

The male tortoise’s incredibly awkward grunts — yes, the tortoise audibly moans while he humps his lady love — prompts the little girl to move closer to the gate to get a better look at the reptiles sexing.

Upon saying, “Oh my goodness!” one final time, she runs away, evidently scarred by what she’s seen.

Looks like she’ll be getting the sex talk a bit earlier than most!

See the hilarious footage up top.