Boy Is Crushed Between Two Cows In Background Of Interview

Anything can happen on live TV: That's why we have it.

Don't be fooled. Live TV wasn't created so that we could stay up-to-date on things as they're unfolding.

No, live TV exists for the awkward moments we can capture in the background... like a boy getting squished between two cows.

The best part of watching the child being trapped between the two cows is the totally serious interview taking place in the foreground.

We're not sure where the kid in the background was going, but he seemed pretty confident as he tried to push his way through the two cows.

He even patted them on their backs. But then, the black cow seemed to say, "I am so sick of being pushed around," and just started to slowly lean into him.

Eventually, the child starts throwing his elbows wide in panic. Soon, he is enveloped by the cows and disappears from sight.

And then, we see him again.


With a pained expression, he tries to signal for help. The cows are relentless and unforgiving.

Thankfully, a woman appears and helps hoist the boy out of his cow prison. He looks – as you would suspect – quite embarrassed by the ordeal.

Also, did you know more people are killed by cows than by sharks every year? The number is about 22 people per year, and 75 percent of the time, the cows murder on purpose.

So you should feel bad for laughing now, you monster.