If People Left Parties Like They Leave Facebook, This Is How It Would Look

If I were forced to pick my least favorite part of the Internet, I'd probably go with "all of it." But if you asked me for specifics, I'd say "people who think their opinions actually matter."

The inherent vanity of social media makes it easy for people to form a laughably inflated sense of self-importance, especially those who spend their days in front of a computer screen trying to disprove the existence of God in a series of Facebook comments.

However, they have nothing on the people who use Facebook to complain about how much they hate Facebook -- especially the ones who've managed to "quit" or "delete" their profiles despite 18 separate statuses about "totally hating drama."

College Humor decided to see what it would be like if those people left parties the same way they left the social network. (Hint: They'd still be insufferable.)