Most Badass Koala Ever Tries Stealing A Land Rover In Australia (Photos)

It's not every day you see a koala just chilling in your front yard.

Granted, if you lived in Australia like Sam Box does, the likelihood of seeing a koala would probably increase.

Still, koala bears aren't really social animals -- they tend to stay out of the way.

That's why the 15-year-old student was so surprised to see a koala sitting in the driver's seat of his family's Land Rover upon returning home from school.

Sam, who lives in the rural town of Maude in Victoria, told Australia's 9 News that he “see[s] [koalas] a fair bit,” but notes, “never in the car.”

As any teenager would do when faced with a wild animal, Sam whipped out his phone and took some pictures of the furry car thief before attempting to scare it away.

He recalls,

It was checking me out as much as I was checking him out.

Reportedly, once Sam opened the car door, the koala lumbered out and casually strolled to the nearby bush, not a bit concerned about the human it had just encountered.

Check out Sam's pictures of the adorable tree-dweller below.

"Yo, check out my whip."

"Straight chillin'."

"Hop in, bruh!"

"Move, bitch, get out the way."

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