Yep, You Can Now Buy Boxers That Have A Special Pocket For Your D*ck


The boxers vs. briefs debate has raged for decades without any real progress being made on either side, but anyone arguing for the relative merits of each style of underwear is ignoring another clearly superior category society should have embraced long ago.

For everyone who read the previous sentence and thought, "Ummmmm, they're called boxer briefs, and I've been wearing them for years," congratulations on being further behind the curve than you ever imagined.

If you ever stood in front of a mirror and thought, "Man, I wish someone would invent a pair of boxers that can keep my groin warm while also showcasing my penis in a tasteful and artful way," your prayers are about to be answered.

The future of underwear is here, and it comes in the form of My Sexy Shorts.


Metro tracked down the Lithuanian man responsible for a new line of underwear -- which first came to fruition after he attempted to start selling knitted socks online and realized the market was already saturated -- designed to showcase a particular part of the male physique.

Simas Zelvys also offers other more traditional knitted wares on his Etsy store, but he says his pairs of novelty underwear have been his most successful product since he started selling them five years ago.

Over the years, Zelvys and a team of female designers came up with a variety of styles to humorously showcase man's most valuable assets, including animal designs, like elephants and snakes, in addition to other phallic-shaped objects.

The pairs of underwear start at around $50, and while men are obviously the target audience, Zelvys found women tend to buy more pairs as jokes (or not) for their loved ones.

Not sold? Here are a few more designs that might pique your interest.

Much like Mario, this mushroom helps you grow.


Get your daily dose of Vitamin D.


Perfect for the bear in your life.


Perfect for any monkey business you might want to engage in.