Lifestyle — Making A Living Selling Art Online Isn't As Easy As You Think

The Internet made it possible for previously undiscovered artists and craftspeople to find audiences who never would have found them otherwise, and thanks to sites like Etsy, some artists have even been able to make careers out of their handiwork.

You probably know at least one person who wants to be the next success story -- unless you're, somehow, lucky enough to not be Facebook friends with anyone who constantly posts links to the online store he or she sells jewelry made from reclaimed, rusty bicycle chains on.

Unfortunately, success rarely happens overnight, and people who rely on their fairly niche products to birth passionate, international followings and slews of celebrity endorsements are forced to keep grinding away until they either find success or decide to give up on their dreams.

"Millennials of New York" caught up with one artist who's hoping her creation will be the next big thing.

There might not be a huge market for hand-knitted condoms at the current moment, but based on some of the things I've seen for sale on Etsy, it wouldn't surprise me if these somehow became popular.

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