17 Times Kids' Homework Answers Were So Bad, They Were Actually Genius (Photos)

Kids and homework have been mortal enemies since the dawn of time.

From the day you turn 5-ish until the afternoon you get your last diploma or angrily quit school altogether, few things bring you more stress than homework.

Homework is just a glorified version of a tiny short-term jail sentence, doled out by prison guards dressed in pencil skirts and sweater vests purchased with coupons from Kohl's.

Whether intentional or not, some kids fight back against this oppressive educational landscape through total a disregard for the sanctity of this institution.

They give their OWN answers to questions they're asked, worrying less about getting the right answers out there *points outside* and more about getting the TRUE answers in here *points to heart.*

Fight on, you brave warriors.

Technically, this child is VERY right.

The only obstacle to success this kid is facing is an oppressive educational system.

Once again, this kid is SUPER right.


Nobody can keep your wings from soaring.

This one is an animal rights activist in the making.

A little life lesson for you, teacher.

Give homework answers like nobody is watching.

Pure mom-spiration.


This kid IS the definition of having your life goals in order.

Fight your OWN fight.

Meet the next Marc Cuban.

"Dorflords" need rings, and this kid is going to make damn sure they get 'em.

You know what I see here? A kid who admits he is a human being.


Be the homework you see in yourself.

This is a metaphor for the banking industry, and this kid knows that.


These kids will all be president one day.