Kids Have The Best Reactions While Eating Dinners From Around The World (Video)

Making kids eat bunnies without telling them they’re eating bunnies is my new favorite prank.

On the outside, rabbits and chickens look nothing alike.

Rabbits are furry, meant for petting and release a sense of wonder when handed to a child. Chickens are terrifying alien creatures we breed to harvest their unborn offspring to eat at brunch with Mimosas.

But the thing is, structurally, bunnies and rabbits are pretty much the same. They’re both made of bones, ligaments and muscles. They both have a layer of skin and they both taste really good when seasoned properly.

All this information means is it’s easy to prank kids into eating rabbits.

The rest of this video, which features children eating foods from around the world, is fine, but the part where they give these kids actual rabbit meat to eat is priceless.