10-Year-Old Boy Asks Iggy Azalea About Her Boob Job (Video)

On Saturday, a bunch of kid-friendly celebrities and Iggy Azalea attended the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, which is basically just like the Oscars if the Oscars covered random guests in green slime.

Extra asked Nicolas Bechtel -- a 10-year-old actor with a role on "General Hospital" and more Twitter followers than you'll ever have -- to cover the event, and he got the chance to interview Iggy Azalea while patrolling the red carpet.

I would have liked to see Bechtel ask the Australian rapper how she feels about being accused of cultural appropriation, but I'm willing to let that slide considering the topic he ended up on: her boob job.

This generation has its own Tom Green, and his name is Nicolas Bechtel.

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