We All Feel Pain Of Angry 4-Year-Old Who Can't Get Siri To Show Him Truck Pics

by Rayne Ellis
Daily Mail

Sometimes, smartphones aren't that smart.

And no matter how precise your enunciation, Siri is not perfect.

Frustrated 4-year-old Ayden Carey, from Helmet, California, learned that lesson the hard way while asking Siri to show him pictures of firetrucks.

And although it appears Apple's assistant understood the toddler, he's never able to get Siri to show him what he wants.

With adorable exasperation, Ayden repeatedly tries to get Apple's assistant to show him firetrucks, asking, "Where is it?"

While recording the video, his mother, Rebeka, could barely stifle her laughter at the toddler's continued frustration.

"Siri, it's firetrucks!" Ayden exclaims. And for a moment, it looks like his request went through – but he was only met with more disappointment.

After two more tries, he tells Siri off, saying, "That's not a firetruck. Firetrucks are red. They are red and they have a ladder."

Clearly, he knows what he's talking about. His mother explained the toddler's love of firetrucks comes from his father, Chris Carey, who is a firefighter in California.

Of course, this isn't the first time someone was furious with Apple's AI assistant.

About a year ago, this adorable little girl was captured on video trying to have a full-blown conversation with Siri.

She says, "I'm glad you came to see me on Daddy's phone with your colorful mouth."

Somehow, the person recording was able to catch the whole conversation without chuckling at the little girl's attempt to talk to a cell phone.

This little boy suffered the same frustrations as Ayden when he asked his mother's phone, "Siri, have you seen a bouncy ball of mine with stars on it and unicorns?"

Siri responded, "I don't understand."

The 5 year-old dropped the phone in annoyance. The cute little boy tells Siri he's had enough by yelling, "Siri, that doesn't make any sense!"

So, uh, it looks like even for digital natives, there's an adjustment period.

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