This Kid Does Not Want To Be Donald Trump For Halloween

Mary Simms on YouTube

If there's one thing this kid isn't going to be for Halloween, it's Donald Trump.

In a video recently uploaded to YouTube by Mary Simms, we're introduced to an incredibly calm toddler named Miles.

His calmness didn't last for much longer thanks to a hideous Donald Trump mask. Simms had been shopping with her two kids when she stumbled upon a couple of masks that were supposed to be of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

As any curious mom would do, she grabbed the masks and brought them over to her two kids.

She asked Miles if he wanted to be Donald Trump for Halloween. The end result? Pure chaos. I mean, this kid did not hold back from letting the pain and agony conjured from JUST the sight of the mask out loudly.

I can't say I blame you for your #TrumpTantrum meltdown, Mr. Miles.

Just LOOK at that face. (*Shivers*)


The video description reads,

No matter which side of the aisle you sit on, here's a lighter look at the great Hillary-Trump Halloween costume debate through the eyes of my terrified twin toddlers.

After presenting Miles with the stuff of nightmares in silicone form, the poor kid immediately begins pleading "no Donald Trump" and "no Trump" over and over again.

I wouldn't blame the genius little crybaby for your damaged eardrums, shoppers. I'd blame The Donald.

Clearly, this kid knows exactly who he would vote for on November 8 if he could -- and it's not the guy this horrifying mask is modeled after.

The minute-long video eventually shows both of Mary Simms' kids hanging out in the backyard by the pool wearing both the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump masks.

In other words, it looks a lot like Miles gave in -- and it's all just to help mom go viral.

Someone get this kid the son of the year award! Check out the hilarious video above for a closer look.

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