Kevin Bacon Serenading People With A Song About Eggs Is All You'll Ever Need

This is a HUGE get for the egg lobby.

I feel like eggs don't need a marketing and public relations campaign. Like, we all know what eggs are already. Nobody walks through a grocery store, comes across the egg aisle and is like,

Oh! Eggs! I heard about these on TV! Maybe I'll try one of these suckers out.

It's the literal opposite of that.

Eggs advertising is like if a chair company bought commercial time and a billboard to put up an ad that was literally just a picture of a chair with the caption,

Chairs! Maybe it's time for you to give a sit!

Actually, that's not a bad advertisement for chairs. Nobody take that.

Wait, I'm getting sidetracked. Back to my original point: Eggs don't need advertising, but that didn't stop Kevin Bacon from strapping on a guitar and doing some.

Enjoy Kevin Bacon breaking and entering with his brother in an attempt to tell a family, who probably already knows about eggs, eggs exist.

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