John Travolta Creeping On Scarlett Johansson Led To Epic Photoshops

One year after we laughed at John Travolta for failing to meet one of the most basic expectations of an Oscar presenter by introducing a person who doesn't exist, he made his triumphant return to the ceremony last night.

Travolta didn't manage to mispronounce anyone's name this year, but he did manage to steal the spotlight for another reason entirely: being really creepy and making everyone uncomfortable in the process.

You might have seen him get a little too handsy with Idina Menzel when he tried to redeem himself toward the end of the show.

But that had nothing on the picture he took with an unenthused Scarlett Johansen beforehand:

The people of Reddit's r/PhotoshopBattles have been using that picture as inspiration since it hit the web last night, and they've managed to kick up the creepiness factor in a wide variety of ways.

This raises all sorts of philosophical and moral questions.

He's going to be really surprised when he opens his eyes.

No, Idina, it's never going away.

Something something fish sticks.

There's fan fiction about this somewhere on the Internet.

See how it feels, John? Not too good.

Hey! Put your hand down this instant!

That's not what I meant.

He just really, really likes his freedom.

Just like he also really likes men uniforms...

...and copying their moves.

In fairness, I think anyone would do this if they had the chance to meet Julie Andrews.