Irish Guys Getting Their Balls Waxed Is The Funniest Thing You'll See Today

by Eitan Levine

RIP, these guys' balls.

The things women do to make their bodies resemble dolphins are barbaric. Plucking, smoothing, lotioning and, worst of all, waxing could all easily double as torture devices the US government deemed too cruel to use when interrogating prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, but somehow, they became staples when it comes to ladies prepping themselves to spend time with dudes.

Except for lotioning. That sounds really nice, actually.

The YouTube channel Facts. decided to even the playing field for once by subjecting a group of dudes to the nightmare that is having a stranger pour wax on your body, place a paper over it and rip it away like a body Band-Aid.

The fact all the guys in this video have cute Irish accents is an added bonus I think we can all enjoy. There may be nothing more pleasant than watching a guy with an accent yelp at having his ball hair violently removed.

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