This Dance Club In Brazil Might Be The Most Insane Place Of All Time (Video)

It may feature an entire chapter on different kinds of chowder, but Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" is probably best known for its depiction of a captain's descent into madness as he does whatever it takes to track down the white whale that left him with a missing leg.

This video is my Moby Dick.

There are so many questions I had after watching it that I frantically tried to find answers for, to no avail.

I know it takes place in Brazil, the song in the background is from a Belgian trance group and, after a forensic analysis, it would appear the women in dresses aren't actually women.

But as far as the most important questions are concerned -- namely, "Wait, what?" and, "Why? Oh my god, why?" -- I can't really offer any solutions.

Sure, now I know how to say "trash" and "dancing" in Portuguese, but that gives me no comfort when compared to the knowledge I lack.

Forget Ultra! I wish I was at THIS music festival instead! Posted by on Sunday, March 29, 2015