Did Italian Minister Elena Boschi Sign An Act With Her Whole Thong Sticking Out? (Photo)

The Italians don't need something else to bash their reputation.

They've already got the Italians over here in America doing a good enough job exploiting their nonsensical lifestyles on shows like "Jersey Shore," "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and "Mob Wives."

And now that this image of 32-year-old Italian Minister Elena Boschi signing in as the minister of the new Italian government is circling the Internet, they've got even more problems to attend to.

The image is photoshopped, but people who aren't tracking the exact wardrobes of the Italian ministry (read: everybody) wouldn't know that.

If this photo were real, I would definitely be inclined to ask where she got her underwear. It's cute.

H/T: Now Buzzing, Photo Courtesy: Facebook