Idiot Emails His Professor While Wasted And Gets The Greatest Response

There are countless rites of passage available to college students, and while some of them can actually be enjoyable, the one where you get way too drunk and send an email you don't remember writing until you find your phone the next morning isn't one of them.

One of the most terrifying aspects of having this realization is figuring out whom your drunken mind decided desperately needed to be contacted at 3 am on a Saturday (like I may or may not have done to a former employer during a summer that got out of hand).

Nobody wants to find out he or she got blackout drunk and sent something to his or her parents or an ex, and while I'm not exactly sure where "college professors" rank on that list, I'd assume most people would want to avoid sending them emails as well.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be that lucky -- especially not this anonymous college student who may or may not exist in real life.

I'm assuming this isn't Mr. Martin's first rodeo.