Husband Draws Penis On Wife's Whiteboard Every Day For An Entire Year (Video)

You thought "500 Days of Summer" was a good film? Wait 'til you see "365 Days of Penises!"

Let me explain some simple math for all of you: Men + whiteboards = penises. It's a basic equation every guy learns in college. So when a wife brings home a whiteboard for her husband to hang in their room, the husband is left with only one obvious choice of what to do: draw a penis every day for a year. Everyone knows one penis is never enough...

What truly makes this a piece of art, though, is how descriptive and imaginative these dick drawings are. Straight out of the scene in "Super Bad," this husband truly knows how to turn a penis into much, much more. Do I feel strange having just watched five minutes of penises? A little bit. But when it comes to funny videos, I go balls deep.

H/T: Uproxx