'Humans Of New York' Is A Lot Less Inspirational With Millennials (Photos)

by Connor Toole

If you're Facebook friends with any of your aunts, then there's literally no way you've been able to avoid Humans of New York, the blog that posts pictures of people on the streets of NYC with accompanying captions designed to restore the faith everyone seems to be losing in humanity.

The subjects are as varied as the topics they discuss -- you can go from kindergarteners talking about their favorite kind of ice cream to an 80-year-old ex-astronaut saying something that sounds more profound than it actually is -- but the general idea is to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

You'll occasionally get hit with a picture and caption specifically designed to be shared with a seemingly arbitrary number of sobbing emoji, but for the most part the page is an invaluable resource for anyone who uses pictures of random people to feel better about life because it's not as scary as doing drugs.

The page certainly paints a picture of what it's like to live in New York City, but it tends to gloss over some of the less glamorous parts of life -- especially for 20-somethings who think living in a building without an elevator meets the definition of "adversity."

We put together a few posts for a series I like to call "Millennials of New York." It might not inspire a lot of hope, which is perfect if you're curious what it feels like to pay $1,200 a month to live in an apartment with four other people.

Living your dream is a fantastic idea until you can't afford it.

A classic NYC love story.

You might pay more, but at least you'll have something to brag about.

The dark side of Brooklyn that nobody talks about.

Transplants are ruining everything.

NYC is truly a melting pot.

Everyone has a vice of choice; moderation is key. 

That quote would make for a fantastic rib tattoo.

I've heard some tall tales in my time, but this one takes the cake.

You can't pay for delivery with your dignity.

You can't grow up overnight.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. That and getting evicted.