Hotel Plays 'The Circle Of Life' To Wake Up Hungover Spring Breakers (Video)

by Connor Toole

When you decide to spend more money than you can probably afford to do spring break the way movies say you're supposed to, it's only natural to want to take full advantage of a place where the rules of the real world don't really apply.

This might be a great idea in theory, but it's a whole lot harder to seize the day when you spent the previous one drinking heavily before passing out in a bathtub filled with pillows and waking up to the hangover you deserved.

There are certain coping mechanism you employ to combat this karmic retribution (namely "vomiting" or "drinking more"), but the Holiday Inn in Panama City Beach has its own strategy for helping people rally: "The Circle of Life."

According to the Daily Mail, the hotel has been playing the opener from "Lion King" at 11 AM to rouse hungover college since 2012, and while a video from this year has been making the rounds, the above clip from 2013 does a much better job of truly capturing the spirit.

It's kind of majestic (in the least dignified sense of the word).