This Guy Was Only Worried About His Hot Pocket When A Shooting Broke Out


It was a busy Wednesday in Blytheville, Arkansas last week when police responded to seven separate shootings in a 24-hour period -- a spree that, thankfully, resulted in just one person being sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

While 21-year-old Jamion Sims was the only person to be hit over the course of the shootings, he wasn't the only casualty of the day.

Region 8 News sent a crew down to the neighborhood where the crimes took place to interview some of the people in the area when the bullets started flying, including two young men who were inside a house when they heard the shots ring out.

Robert Moss and Merrendes Jackson were able to avoid being hit, but there was one innocent victim that sadly didn't make it through the incident unscathed: the Hot Pocket Jackson was eating when the shooting started.

Unfortunately, the reporter who interviewed the duo didn't take the time to ask any hard-hitting questions, so there's no way to know what flavor Hot Pocket Jackson dropped to the ground when he first heard the shots outside.

I'm just going to tell myself it was Hickory Ham & Cheddar so I don't feel as bad for his loss.

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