Girl Perfectly Breaks Down What Typical Snapchats Really Mean (Photos)

by Connor Toole

At some point in time, Snapchat miraculously managed to transform from the go-to platform for sending nude photos into a real, legitimate social network that you can also use to send nude photos.

It's not exactly hard to understand the meaning of someone standing naked in front of the mirror, but it can be a bit more difficult to interpret the deeper implications of some of the more innocent messages you might receive.

Holly Carpenter honed in on some of the more typical messages you'll probably come across and provided some handy translations for people who are terrible at reading between the lines.

"Somebody date me. Please. Somebody. Anybody."

May God have mercy on anyone who comments "Cute dog" and nothing else.



No makeup (but it took 27 pictures to find the perfect angle to disguise all of the imperfections).

I sense a "Feeling so fat :(" Snapchat in someone's future.

Drunk Snapchats are the best Snapchats.

Manicures can be hot too, right?