Man Goes On Hilarious Rant About How Hot Jennifer Lopez Was At The AMAs (Video)

I always knew JLo was going to be bad forever, but most people out there continue to sleep on her because she hasn't been wilding out.

After her performance at the AMAs, though, America suddenly seemed to remember Jenny is seriously one of the baddest of all time, and comedian Josh Pray is one of those people.

Now, he's making up for lost time by professing his unwavering love to the 46-year-old singer by pretty much putting an offer on the table that says he'd dedicate the rest of his life to her if she takes him.

Not only would he leave his two children, but he said he'd get her booty tatted on his stomach (if that's what she wanted), and by the looks of his beard, he'd eat it, too. We can't wait for part two!