This Is What You Actually Look Like When You're Doing CrossFit

CrossFit is the preferred workout program of proselytizing fitness buffs who may not even understand the core principles of fitness.

There are people out there who will defend CrossFit to the death, and there's a chance that their death will be due to kidney failure induced by CrossFit.

If you're not familiar with CrossFit, the basic concept is lifting heavy things as many times as possible until your body goes on strike. There are probably some other aspects, but that's the only one that stuck with me.

If you've never seen a video of CrossFitters in action, you'll probably want to check out this clip from Murderbot Productions, who were able to get an exclusive look at what goes on inside the converted garages most CrossFit gyms occupy.

Even if it's a parody, their form is still better than most people's.