15 Guys Eloquently Describe How It Feels To Get Hit In The Balls

Getting hit in the nuts is a one-of-a-kind pain. There's nothing quite like it. It can be triggered by anything from a point-blank low blow to an accidental brushing of someone's hand.

The pain starts out psychological. It doesn't set in right away, so when you've been hit, or think you've been hit, there's a moment when you wonder if you'll feel it at all.

Then, the minute you think you've gotten away with it, the pain comes rushing in all at once, like the wave of intoxication from back-to-back-to-back shots of whiskey.

Also like shots of whiskey, it hits you physically, sinks into you internally and settles deep, deep into your soul. It brings you to your knees and makes you feel hollow inside.

That's how I would describe it, anyway. But again, it's a hard sensation to pinpoint. That's why I had 15 other guys weigh in, in an attempt to illustrate just how horrifically unique this pain is to all who harbor testes.

1. Gone with the wind.

--El Niño*, 22

2. Not just a pain, an experience.

--Eitan, 26

3. It'll take your breath away.

--Adam, 26

4. Think: Red Wedding.

--Sepp, 24

5. Don't piss off your girl.

--Ali, 23

6. COYG.

--Vardy*, 23

7. Would not recommend.

--Jake, 24

8. You know what's coming...

--Joe, 34

9. Burrito punch.

--Sean, 22

10. Oh my...

--Chris, 26

11. "That diarrhea feeling."

--Mickey, 24

12. That 10-second build.

--Joe*, 21

13. Shock....pain....anguish.

--Jim*, 22

14. Probably not as bad as giving birth... OK, definitely not.

--Drew, 23

15. Ain't no sunshine.

--John, 27