Guys Failing At Face Contouring Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day (Video)

Men will never truly understand the lengths to which women will go to make their faces look like the sweet love children of Kim Kardashian on her third wedding day and the soft hide of a newborn baby lamb.

However, they are welcome to try.

Cosmopolitan recently asked five brave gentlemen to attempt the art of contouring, a makeup technique involving the use of different shades of foundation to highlight the existing structure of the face in order to make a person anywhere from three to 17 times as beautiful.

Naturally, none of the guys were able to perfectly recreate the contouring genius of online makeup tutorial legend.

One does, however, note,

I look like a dead version of myself.

And really, isn’t that the look we’re all hoping to achieve?

The majority of the men end up looking like they crawled out of a chimney, but perhaps they should be applauded for the sincere effort and sense of adventure.