Guys Use Donkey To Prank Women Into Thinking They're Being Catcalled (Video)

If there’s one thing we can count on the 20-something man to do, it’s make stupid jokes.

This video, by YouTube channel whatever, is no exception.

In it, a duo of pranksters takes to the streets to see how women react when they think they’re being catcalled.

One guy is tasked with walking his donkey around on a leash while the other makes lewd remarks about “that ass,” jokingly referencing the donkey, whenever a woman walks by.

Obviously, the women assume the commenter’s “ass” praises are directed at them because, sadly, we’ve become all too used to being catcalled.

As each begins to react, the man walks past the woman and toward the donkey to make it clear he was, in fact, talking to the donkey owner and not to the now-offended woman.

Though making a joke out of catcalling could be offensive for some, it’s clear the guys over at whatever created this all in good fun.

It’s the sort of roll-your-eyes humor that anyone who likes a good butt joke will appreciate -- and the women’s reactions alone make this worth watching.

Check it out up top, and head to whatever’s channel for more prank and comedy videos.