Guys Prove They Have No Clue How To Buy Their Girlfriends Tampons (Photos)

by Eitan Levine

Men invented electricity, built huge buildings, forged paths across miles of uncharted terrain and even put a person on the moon.

That doesn’t mean they’re equipped to buy their girlfriends tampons.

Look at it from their perspectives.

It’s a high-pressure situation involving the reproduction system and going into an aisle of the store that's normally only frequented by females is tough.

You know when you’re physically out of your element and dealing with something unfamiliar, and how it feels like everyone around you is watching your every move?

This is exactly what that situation is, and men fail to act cool and calm during the process. Each conversation featured below gives you a small look into the male psyche while acquiring tampons for a girlfriend.

Egos are shattered, and lessons are learned.

Cal learns he would be an awful spy.

Michael learns he has no idea how women work.

Ash learns a lesson in diversity.

Luke learns life isn't fair.

They're doing their best, ladies. They're doing their best.