Guy Texts Wrong Number For Weed, Ends Up Being Local Police Captain (Photos)

In my opinion, "Cops" is one of the greatest television shows ever made, and it's not just because of all the shirtless men getting Tasers shot directly into their beer guts.

The real reason I find myself spending so many afternoons watching a marathon of episodes I've seen too many times is because the show provides fascinating looks at the minds of criminals who weren't smart enough to get away with doing illegal things.

William Lamberson is a 29-year-old man from Port St. Lucie, Florida who recently decided he wanted to smoke some weed.

To rectify that problem, he texted the number of a person he'd apparently met previously at a 7-Eleven.

Unfortunately for Will, it was actually the number of a police captain who works narcotics for the Martin Country Sheriff's Office.

It begins like most conversations initiated by a random number do.

Kind of aggressive to ask for a picture so early in the exchange, but I guess I respect it.

It would appear the tables have turned (and will also be covered in cocaine if everything goes smoothly).

What a painless transaction. Now all they have to do is complete the sale.

Maybe it wasn't so painless after all.