Guy Texts Woman For An Entire Year After She Steals His Sunglasses (Photos)

People generally don't like to have things stolen from them, but there are also certain situations in life where it's best to cut your losses and move on.

If, for example, members of an Albanian sex trafficking ring kidnap your daughter while she vacations with her friend in Europe, you're more than justified doing whatever is necessary to make sure she's returned unharmed.

However, if someone takes a pair of sunglasses from you and disappears off the face of the Earth, you might not exert that same amount of time and energy into getting them back.

However, nobody told that to Alex, a guy who spent the past year trying to get his sunglasses back after he lent them to a girl named Anna.

Alex has been texting Anna for the past year in the hopes of getting his hands on his sunglasses.

To say he has been "persistent" is putting it mildly.

He may have replaced his phone, but she refused to replace his sunglasses.

After a while, he was even ready to settle.

He eventually tracked down some replacements, but they just weren't the same.

After months without a response, he probably realized he had an opportunity to go viral in the future and started using memes to increase his chances.

He couldn't even celebrate a holiday without being haunted by the ghosts of the past.

Many sunglasses rose to meet the challenge. None of them succeeded.

I respect the hustle.

It's been 298 days, but who's counting? I mean, besides Alex. Alex is definitely counting.

A wild chart appears!

I'm no sure why it took him so long to pull out the emoji.

What's this? A response????

I smell a happy ending.