Guy Takes Selfie With People Having Sex In The Bathroom Stall Next To Him (NSFW)

by Connor Toole

Ever since people started going out of their way to insert their faces into pictures and started calling them "selfies," they haven't been able to stop.

It's not really considered a picture anymore unless one of your arms is extended and the final result is fairly underwhelming.

However, on rare occasions the selfie can actually be employed successfully, as it was when this guy used it to capture his reaction to catching two people having sex in a public bathroom. I'd describe it in further detail, but I think it's best to let the snapshot speak for itself.

I'm not sure what is more audacious: having sex in a bathroom stall or inserting yourself into a picture of the two people doing it. I know that it's impossible to hear similar repetitive sounds from the adjacent stall and not investigate further, but confirming your suspicious is almost as bold has deciding to get down in a public bathroom.

I'm going to make this easy for everyone and rule that everyone in the picture is a little bit weird.

H/T: Guyism, Photo Courtesy: Imgur