Woman Caught On Snapchat Getting Naked In Public To Take Perfect Butt Selfie

by Eleanor Harmsworth

There are very few instances where a girl would be willing to get naked in public and start snapping selfies of her bare ass.

It must have been an emergency, because this woman literally pulls her pants down and starts taking pics of her butt in plain view.


What type of emergency it was is very unclear, but it must have been pretty serious because WHO takes naked butt selfies in public? Or at all, for that matter? Is taking pictures of your ass normal behavior?

Unluckily for her, one unforgiving (and unnoticed) observer managed to video the attempts and post them on the internet.

And you have to give this girl kudos for how efficient she is.

She literally pulls down her pants, pulls up her top, whips out her phone, strikes a few poses, pulls up her pants and is done. Bam. Just like that.


And, actually, the weirdest part is the breathing noises coming from the person (presumably a man) filming, as well as his careful zooming in.

I just hope the receiver of those selfies thanked her properly for all the trouble she went though.