Man Actually Sh*t His Pants While Trying To Impress Women In A Club (Video)

Sh*tting myself in public is hands down my worst fear, and it's something I think about at least eight hours a day.

My second biggest fear is any dance club.

That makes the events in this video an unfathomable nightmare scenario.

If Jigsaw from “Saw” was like, “Either 'dump' yourself in this club or get thrown into a woodchipper,” I would immediately start looking for the nearest Home Depot to buy the machine and maybe even offer to purchase it.

How do you ever come back from pooping in front of people you're trying to impress on the dance floor?

My ego wouldn't just be shattered; it would be sucked into a wormhole, obliterated from all existence and erased from history as if it never existed.

Mirror reports one of the man's friends wrote online about the unfortunate event.

He said,

He was trying so hard to impress the opposite sex that he ended up dancing the crap out of himself. He had a bad stomach the night before we left. He wasn't going to go but I forced him to come, so partly my fault!

I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight -- or ever again -- now that I know something like this can actually happen.

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