Guy Who Made Flyer Looking For Girlfriend Says He Got Laid 118 Times

If you frequent the areas of New York City people flock to in search of a hip brunch place they can namedrop in the caption of their Instagrammed Eggs Benedict, you've probably seen flyers posted by a guy who's more interested in finding a girlfriend.

We first made note of these cries for help when they started popping up in Lower Manhattan in an article that was posted exactly 217 days ago -- a number I only mention because the man who posted them said he's managed to have sex with 118 different people during that time.

In a recent interview with an Australian news outlet, 51-year-old Dan Perino said he's hung up "well over 40,000 flyers" in search of the perfect girl -- a task that, assuming an approximate rate of 133 flyers per hour, would take a full month of 10-hour days to complete.

It's not entirely clear where the actor and web designer found the time to have sex with 118 different people since then, but Perino claims he's had plenty of people to pick from since his quest began:

I was getting 200-300 calls per day. I couldn't get back to everybody, it was difficult. I've got back to everybody by now, there's been over 8,000 phone calls.

Pernio -- who is conveniently trying to turn his story into a documentary, short story and reality television show -- maintains his dubious claims are entirely true, but it would appear he's been too busy having sex with people to find a partner for the long term.

He says,

I'm changing the flyer to worldwide search. I don't care how long it takes. I'm getting kind of sick of American women.

Good luck, Dan. If you keep this up for a few more decades, you might eventually beat Wilt Chamberlain.

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