Worst Friend Ever Kicks Friend Into Cheetah In Very Dangerous Prank (Video)

It seems like pranks these days have become overproduced, uncreative ventures that mostly end with someone trying to avoid being punched in the face while yelling something like: "I only faked your sister's kidnapping and murder as a joke, man!"

Luckily for us, an Instagram user in Kuwait whose life is more awesome than yours captured a hilarious moment on camera featuring one of his friends and a domesticated cheetah. I say "domesticated" because the animal was being kept on a leash, but based on its reaction, it hasn't lost its natural instinct.

The spontaneous prank happened after one of the men became understandably engrossed with the pet, likely because it's a cheetah on a leash. Unfortunately for that man, Kuwait law dictates that anyone who stares at a domesticated cheetah for more than five seconds must be sentenced to a kick in the ass, administered immediately.

I made that last part up, but the man really did fall towards a very real cheetah. I'm really glad that everyone was able to laugh heartily at the end of this because in an alternate universe this video ended with a room full of blood and horrified screams.

H/T: Heavy