Guy Messes With Dog By Giving It Increasingly Smaller Boxes To Sit In (Video)

I don't consider myself a comedy snob -- I own two copies of "Saving Silverman" for some reason -- but my sense of humor tends to drift toward the type of comedy people with graduate degrees are far too vocal about enjoying.

However, man can't live on multilayered meta commentaries on the state of modern humor alone. Just like chefs rely on cheap takeout at the end of a long shift, I need the occasional simple pleasure.

It's simply a bonus if it happens to involve Shiba Inus, whose blank yet slightly condescending expressions make them "the unamused uncle" of dog breeds.

Some dogs might get angry to discover their owners have taken their most prized possession, but you can tell by the look on this one's face it isn't mad -- it's just disappointed.

It doesn't cut much deeper than that.