Guy Actually Draws A Different Dick On Snapchat Every Day For A Year (Video)

A little over a year ago -- months before "Silicon Valley" set the bar for elaborate jokes about penises drawn on whiteboards -- we were treated to sort-of documentary on that topic made by a man who left his wife a unique drawing of a dick every day for a year.

This labor of love inspired another man with slightly more artistic ability to do the same thing, and after finishing his quest at the end of last month, the man behind @aDickaDay shared a year's worth of creations in a five-minute video.

I can confidently say I'm now a better person for having seen a picture of a penis performing autoerotic asphyxiation with a belt. The world is a truly beautiful place.

Finally, it's impossible for me to pick a favorite dick, but I  think we can all agree this was indisputably the best cock: