This Guy Messaged People On Grindr Using Only Quotes From Pokémon (Photos)

This guy's attempts at picking up other people on Grindr by only using dialogue from Pokémon FireRed is "SUPER EFFECTIVE!"

Video game dialogue is far from natural.

It's always weirdly stilted, characters usually don't say anything that matches the actual events happening on the screen and, most of the time, it feels beyond forced.

Now that I'm thinking about it, video game characters kind of sound like a kid in class who was caught sleeping, asked a complicated question in front of the lecture hall by the teacher and then could only respond with an awkwardly formal “Ah, yes, intriguing query” as he quickly tried to find what page the lesson was on.

Pokémon is probably the biggest perpetrator of this gaming faux pas because Pokémon trainers in the games sound less like humans and more like early versions of Google Translate.

Journalist/playwright/Pokémon trainer/actor Shaun Kitchener hoped to use this to his advantage as he attempted to snare the most dangerous game of all in his Poké Balls: man.

Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Pokémon FireRed universe, specifically the game's dialogue, Shaun attempted to catch as many potential love connections as possible.

Shaun kept track of all the trainer quotes that made sense to use in real life and used them to talk to various matches he got on Grindr.

The quotes he took from the cave arguably gave him the best results.

Grindr users took a liking to Shaun's affinity for shorts.

Shaun even used his wiles on what he believed was a robot.

The last chat before Shaun gave up trolling Grindr is Articuno-level epic.

Gotta catch 'em all!