Fleshlight Has Finally Come Up With The Perfect Solution For Long-Distance Relationships (Video)

When Apple first unveiled the iPad back in 2010, people reacted a few different ways.

A lot of people laughed at Apple for making their newest innovation sound like a feminine hygienic product.

The Apple diehards unquestioningly accepted the device as The Greatest Thing Ever Made, and immediately shelled out hundreds of dollars for a device that has already gone through four different generations.

However, there was one small group that was only concerned with the answer to a very specific question: "How can I have sex with this?"

For years, the answer to this query was a very simple "You can't."

However, after years of research, the male sex toy moguls at Fleshlight have finally announced The Launchpad, a case that lets you attach any of their assorted fake orifices to the back of your iPad. It's about time.

Something tells me the POV category is about to get a bit more popular.