This Graphic Sex Ed Book From The 60s Will Haunt You Forever (Photos)

Everybody's first “the birds and the bees” talk goes a little differently.

For some, it's an awkward, unfortunate conversation between parent and child about what sex is and why people do it (shoutout to my Mom, I'm still scarred for life). For others, the sexual learning curve is facilitated by a book that details the process from conception to birth.

I can only hope that, if you're one of the latter, it wasn't this book.

Published in 1968, “How Babies Are Made” is a horrifically vivid picture book that details the origins of life.

The sex ed book begins by detailing the process of fertilization, using a flower as an example.

Then, it moves on to animals…

And sh*t gets weird.

Graphic photos illustrate exactly how animals get it on…

And what happens after they're done.

For the exceptionally brave children, the book then moves on to human examples.

Just in case it wasn't clear the first time…

They literally spell it out.

This is what Mommy and Daddy do at night, kids.

As the story goes, then comes the baby…

…and there goes your lunch.

Cute baby, though, right?



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