Lifestyle — Grandmas Play F*ck Marry Kill With Celebrities, Rappers And Dictators (Video)
by Connor Toole

There is no shortage of games to pick from when you have too much alcohol and nothing to do. But if you want to spur some seriously intense and intelligent discussion, you don't have to look any further than F*ck, Marry, Kill.

The name of the game might sound like instructions you'd yell at an amateur female assassin, but deciding which of the three famous people you're discussing deserves to die is only a part of the game.

You also have to figure out whom you'd like to spend a night and whom you could spend the rest of your life with.

We had some older women play a few rounds of the game with three preselected groups of men.

Their options ranged from actors to serial killers, and these grandmas used the knowledge they've gained over the years to discuss which guy has the nicest penis (and, less frequently, the best personality).

I think the obvious answer is "Hugh Hefner" (at least for the former), but that's just my opinion.

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