No One's More Sorry Than This Grandma Who Accidentally Ate The Last Doughnut

B. Harvey

Anyone who's lived with roommates with poor impulse control knows how frustrating it can be to go to eat a treat you set aside for yourself, only to be met with a pile of crumbs and the sense of existential sadness that comes along with having your food taken away from you.

Most people eventually grow out of their food-thievery phases when they realize what truly terrible people they are for depriving others of small moments of joy, but some people make it through their entire lives without changing their ways.

I don't know the history of the grandma responsible for this apologetic voicemail, nor do I know if she's known for the irresponsible behavior that led to the phone call being made in the first place.

I like to think she had a crippling doughnut addiction in her younger years, and after decades of sobriety, she came across one beautifully glazed pastry filled with a sultry strawberry filling she just couldn't resist.

At least she took responsibility for her indiscretion. Hopefully, her grandchild got the message in time.

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