This Girl's Reaction To Her Violin Bow Unexpectedly Breaking Is Priceless

If you were ever unfortunate enough to find yourself in the audience of a middle school band concert, you probably know all about the horrors of listening to young musicians attempt to play notes that don't sound like mallard ducks being slaughtered.

Everyone has to start somewhere, but that "somewhere" is all too often populated by out-of-tune interpretations of musical standards and unexpected squeaks and shrieks that make every dog in a 2-mile radius instinctively howl.

Before seeing this video, I never considered the (presumably nonexistent) impact these noises have on inanimate objects, but it might be time to take a closer look at that phenomenon.

I can't prove this violin bow decided to put itself out of its misery after being forced to play another glacially-paced rendition of (what I think was) "Jingle Bells," but based on the video evidence, I don't think it's as crazy as it sounds.

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